A Teacher Friendly Curriculum

The Principles and Choices curriculum has been carefully crafted to encourage student participation, active learning, engaging discussions, and a lasting learning experience.

"This program not only changed the way my students reasoned through ethical dilemmas... it changed the way they lived their lives." – Sean Raftis, S.J., Teacher, Bellarmine Prep School, Tacoma, WA

 Teacher resources include:

  • A fully Annotated Teacher-Edition Textbook
  • Complete Minute-by-Minute Lesson Plans
  • Scripture and Catechism cross references
  • Handouts and Worksheets for every lesson
  • Targeted YouTube videos and other internet resources that supplement the textbooks
  • PowerPoint Presentations with accompanying Lecture Notes
  • Audio Dramas
  • Exams and Answer keys,
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This vast array of resources are packaged together at an incredibly affordable discount price, and make Principles and Choices an ideal tool for shaping tomorrow's leaders.