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"I am happy to offer this word of support for Principles and Choices, an exciting new comprehensive curriculum on the meaning and dignity of human life, published by Healing the Culture. The curriculum helps advance Healing the Culture’s important vision that their 'unique philosophical approach to pro-life education will form a people who value the good of others above the good of the self, and a culture that values and protects human life in every form.' I believe the curriculum will be received well by teachers and students alike; even more, I think it will change minds, hearts, and lives."

Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, Archdiocese of Seattle


“Thank you for your efforts to support the Church’s commitment to the dignity of all persons.”

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, Archdiocese of Louisville

"Healing the Culture is at the forefront of organizations working to promote a culture of life. Their pro-life curriculum has the potential to transform many hearts with a message that is gentle, inviting, logically appealing, and unwavering in its defense of the sanctity of all human life. I wholeheartedly recommend this important organization and its excellent programs."

Archbishop Emeritus Elden Francis Curtiss, Omaha, NE

“The secular culture of materialism and disregard for human life surrounds high school students everywhere they go. Comprehensive resources, like Principles and Choices, are essential to their understanding of and formation in the faith. The Office of Catholic Schools will add it to the list of programs shared with our high schools for their consideration.”

Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan, Diocese of Camden

“Thank you ... for the important work that you are doing. I agree with your assessment that we as a Church must strive to teach the youth about the importance of human dignity through a pro-life perspective that is grounded and consistent throughout their education and development. I commend you for believing in our youth and striving to give them the tools necessary to respect all life through enduring pedagogical methods.”

Bishop Frank Caggiano, Diocese of Bridgeport

“God reward you and your efforts to promote the culture of life. With an assurance of prayers and my every good wish for you and all of those who work for Healing the Culture.”

Bishop James Conley, Diocese of Lincoln

“The material covered in the book is timely. May God continue to bless you, your staff and your work.”

Bishop Ronald Herzog, Diocese of Alexandria  

“I appreciate the intentions you present in this initiative as they are of good, solid value to our youth.”

Bishop David Ricken, Diocese of Green Bay

“I am particularly grateful for the logical and sophisticated approach you take to pro-life ethics. By moving beyond 'fact-based' education about abortion and euthanasia, and tackling the more foundational issues of happiness, quality of life, love, suffering, freedom, and human rights, you reach students precisely where they need to be transformed in order to embrace Church teaching on respect for human life...

"I have witnessed many students who come away filled with excitement and passion about being pro-life; it has helped our own pro-life group, Newman Students for Life, reach out to our own faith community. Newman Students for Life has grown because of your partnership. What a blessing!”

Fr. Jordan Bradshaw, OP, Director, Prince of Peace Catholic Newman Center at the University of Washington

"It dealt with so many issues that I work with as a teacher so very often."

Pastor and Mrs. Wayne Bernau
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church; New Ulm, MN


"I'm delighted that Healing the Culture has produced this pro-life high school curriculum. It fills a real need and will doubtless be of great use in forming the next generation to articulate and defend the Faith in their daily lives."

Ed Hopfner, Director of Marriage & Family Life, Archdiocese of San Francisco

“On behalf of Bishop Zubik, I want to thank and commend you for the great work you are doing in helping high school students better understand and support the pro-life movement. It is a ministry that is most certainly needed in today’s society. This is a worthwhile endeavor and we would be happy to support you in your efforts.”

Judy Kirk, Director for Religious Education, Diocese of Pittsburgh

“You rated ‘excellent’ in my survey of the participants – and in my estimation, also.”

Carol Hogan, Pastoral Projects and Communications Director, California Catholic Conference

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“On most college and high school campuses, self-described 'pro-choice' advocates seek to discredit pro-life students by dismissing their views as being narrowly religious, or motivated by some animus against women's rights. But your focus on key universal principles of logic, ethics, and justice...reveals that pro-life convictions naturally emanate from the basic laws of reason and human rights on which civilization itself depends.

"Your message needs to be heard in the academy. Therefore, I am pleased to endorse your efforts and to partner with you."

Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life of America


"I enjoyed the P&C curriculum immensely. It does an excellent job of addressing fundamental questions about happiness, freedom and the philosophical foundations of a just society. The presentation is simple, yet without being simplistic."

- John Carpay, B.A., LL.B., President, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (Canada)


"Healing the Culture presents one of the most powerful pro-life educational programs I have ever seen. Their curriculum is both intelligent and compassionate."

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President, American Alliance of Jews and Christians

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"This method made all the difference in the world to the way my students thought about pro-life.  We weren't debating simply rightness and wrongness anymore; we were discussing how the universal principles they learned change the very questions and understanding of these complex moral issues.  For many of our students, it was the first time they felt energized and inspired by pro-life education.

You would be amazed to see our students, months after taking the class, applying the principles to material and situations in other classes -- and they do it with confidence, intelligence, and conviction. It's about time something like this exists for Christian schools!"

Lynn Kittridge, Theology Teacher
Eastside Catholic High School; Sammamish, WA


"This program not only changed the way my students reasoned through ethical dilemmas... it changed the way they lived their lives."

Fr. Sean Raftis, S.J.
Townsend, MT


"Your content is excellent. You really show a way to talk about the life issues, especially to younger people. It’s inspiring."

Lee Cotugno, Notre Dame Academy Schools of Los Angeles Board of Directors


"Two big thumbs up. The play was exquisitely produced, handled tough issues with respect and intelligence, and captured my students' hearts."

Youth group leader
Houston, TX


"It was refreshing to see high school students respond so enthusiastically!"

Lore Sisk, Religious Education Coordinator
Shelby, MT


"My students were immediately impressed with how fun and interactive the lessons were, as well as how sophisticated and deep the learning became."

Teacher; Seattle, WA

“I am always on the lookout for ways to bring the complex issues of Morality and Justice to my students in practical ways. The Principles and Choices curriculum does this for me.”

Donna Tarney
Charlotte Catholic High School; Charlotte, NC


“My theology students truly benefit from the clarity and applicability of P&C’s information. They come to class full of questions and insights. I wish I had learned what my students are learning when I was their age. Each lesson honors intellect and free will so that Faith may grow more deeply in their young lives.”

Mother Teresa Christe MSSR, Religious Education Coordinator
Cardinal Newman High School; Santa Rosa, CA

“I have been enjoying teaching from the Principles and Choices materials very much. The books are clear, and the conversations the class and I have enjoyed regarding the four levels of happiness have been robust and satisfying.”

Catherine Neumeyr, Principal and Catechist
Holy Rosary Academy and St. Benedict's Parish; Anchorage, AK

"We have examined a copy of Book 1 and were delighted with the foundational nature of the content and its exceptional clarity. Clearly the moral thinking skills, deepened understanding of human nature, human motivation and human happiness will be an inestimable benefit to our upper grade students as we attempt to prepare them for the pressures and confusion of their teen years. Additionally, we also hope to use the fundamentals of the P&C program to orient our lower grade teachers to a better understanding of Catholic moral teaching. This addition to our ongoing professional growth would lead our whole teaching staff to a more effective living and teaching of Catholic morality at every level of the school."  

Sister Mary John, O.C.D., Principal
St. Joseph Elementary School; La Puente, CA

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"My son is homeschooled and is taking this as an Ethics class offered free of charge by a local parish priest out of the kindness of his heart to local home schooled high school students. Father has offered this class before and it is hugely popular!"

Monica D., Homeschool Mother

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"I'm more against abortion now than I was.  I realized that all humans, even unborn, should be given the opportunity to experience life."

"The characters were really realistic, and I never thought of all those reasons for being pro-life."

"This answered many of my questions and inspired me to live a life closer to God."

"I realized that all humans, even unborn, should be given the opportunity to experience life, and that there are millions of people wanting a child."

"I thought that [abortion] depended on the situation, but now I am against it more"

"This changed my thinking. I believe now that no one should get an abortion just because [the situation] makes them unhappy."

"It made me feel a little stronger for making abortion illegal."

"I have always been pro-life, and the lesson only helped me be more sure of my choice."

"This made me think of abortion as a more cruel and bad option."

"It made me consider why abortion is never okay."

"I already thought abortion was bad, but now I'm horrified by it."

"I realized many pro-life arguments."

"It made my thoughts on [abortion] a lot stronger. I am completely against it."

"I was pro-choice, but now I wouldn't get an abortion myself."

"I changed my thinking. I think abortion is almost never okay."

"It made me think about how people just get abortions because the baby will lower their quality of life and for themselves to be happy, instead of for the baby’s sake."

"It didn’t completely change my mind, but it helped me see both sides to the argument."

"I did change my mind on abortion. I want the babies to be born, and then to be adopted."

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