Our unique Principles & Choices© program helps students overcome the muddle of moral relativism with rational principles for sound moral values.

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A supplemental curriculum

that inspires students to live with purpose, moral integrity, and respect for human life.

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resources that teach core principles of logic, ethics, and justice.

Jumping out of their seats, cheering and clapping

I just wanted to say what a great experience it has been using the Principles & Choices curriculum this semester. Thank you so much for sending us the final act of the “Robert & Emma” drama. My students were actually jumping out of their seats, cheering and clapping at the end of Act 4.  (They are hoping for a movie version!) They were so engaged in the play from the beginning, and it was a great way to reinforce the concepts in the textbook. What a great way to end the semester!  I’m looking forward to having more time to go deeper with the curriculum in my classes next term. God bless you and all the important work you do!

Debbie Sucich, Campus Minister
St. Saviour High School - Brooklyn, NY

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