A Teacher Friendly Curriculum

The Principles and Choices curriculum has been carefully crafted to encourage student participation, active learning, engaging discussions, and a lasting learning experience.

This program not only changed the way my students reasoned through ethical dilemmas… it changed the way they lived their lives.

Sean Raftis, S.J.

Teacher, Bellarmine Prep School, Tacoma, WA

Teacher resources include:

  • A fully Annotated Teacher-Edition Textbook
  • Complete Minute-by-Minute Lesson Plans
  • Scripture and Catechism cross references
  • Handouts and Worksheets for every lesson
  • Targeted YouTube videos and other internet resources that supplement the textbooks
  • PowerPoint Presentations with accompanying Lecture Notes
  • Audio Dramas
  • Exams and Answer keys,
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This vast array of resources are packaged together at an incredibly affordable discount price, and make Principles and Choices an ideal tool for shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

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