Scholarship Fund

We are pleased to offer scholarship funds to schools who qualify. Please read below for scholarship requirements:

  1. Scholarships can be awarded to schools only. We are unable to make awards to churches, individuals, or homeschools at this time.
  2. Scholarships are granted to fund Principles & Choices Student Text Sets only. Scholarship recipients will be responsible for purchasing Teacher Resources and any desired ancillary materials.
  3. The program will fund no more than 60% of the cost of student textbook sets. Awarded schools will be responsible for the remaining 40% of their student textbook cost, plus any Teacher Resources and ancillary materials, as well as shipping and handling.
  4. If your school receives a scholarship award, participating teachers and students will be required to complete feedback forms provided by Healing the Culture.
  5. Schools may receive assistance from the Scholarship Fund only once. However, if your school is awarded, we may ask to partner with you to seek a grant which could cover some or all of your future costs of P&C implementation for up to three years. Healing the Culture would perform most of the work of applying for this grant on behalf of your school, with a minimum amount of work required from you. This is not a guarantee that these funds would be awarded, as we would be applying on your behalf from a number of local foundations. We would require your consent before proceeding with this opportunity.
  6. By submitting this Scholarship Application Form, you grant Healing the Culture permission to share the information you provide with our constituents. Sharing your information may help us to secure the funding that you are requesting.
  7. Schools that are awarded assistance agree to list “Healing the Culture” among its funders/contributors wherever such recognition would normally appear.
  8. If the materials for which the award was granted are not used for their intended purpose within 2 years of receiving the materials, the school will either return the materials in new condition, or reimburse Healing the Culture for the full amount of the award.
  9. Schools that are awarded assistance will submit digital photographs and/or video footage of the materials being used in their classrooms by the conclusion of the semester in which the materials are used.
  10. Schools that are awarded assistance automatically grant permission to Healing the Culture to use the school’s name, project description, photos, video, and other information in Healing the Culture’s promotions.

For more information, please call 855-664-6598.

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