Scholarship Fund

We are pleased to offer scholarship funds to schools who qualify. Please read below for scholarship requirements:

1. Only schools are eligible for Principles & Choices scholarships. Healing the Culture does not currently offer scholarships to churches, individuals, or homeschools.

2. Scholarship funds are available for Principles & Choices student workbook sets only. Scholarship recipients are responsible for purchasing teacher editions and any desired ancillary materials.

3. The scholarship program funds no more than 60% of the cost of student workbook sets. Awarded schools will be responsible for the remaining 40%, as well as shipping and handling, plus the cost of any teacher editions and ancillary materials ordered.

4. Only schools that plan to devote at least 5 teaching days (course sessions) to each book level are eligible for maximum funding (60%). Schools that intend to devote less time to teaching the content may still be eligible for a lesser amount of funding.

5. If your school receives a scholarship award, all participating teachers will be required to complete feedback forms provided by Healing the Culture as soon as they have finished teaching their Principles & Choices unit(s).

6. Schools may receive assistance from the Principles & Choices Scholarship Fund only once. However, if your school is awarded, you may request our help in securing additional grant funding. Healing the Culture is happy to partner with you to submit funding requests to local foundations.

7. Schools that are awarded assistance agree to list “Healing the Culture” among its funders/contributors wherever such recognition would normally appear.

8. By submitting a Scholarship Application Form, you grant Healing the Culture permission to share the information you provide with our constituents. Sharing your information may help us to secure the funding that you are requesting.

9. Scholarship recipients are invited to share student “success stories” with Healing the Culture. Principles & Choices scholarships are funded by our supporters. Success stories give Healing the Culture donors a glimpse into the positive impact of their support and help generate funding to assist other schools in need.

For more information, please call 855-664-6598.

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