Framework and Religion Textbook Correlation

Framework Correlation

If it’s your job to evaluate theology or religion curricula for your school, your first concern is to make sure it conforms to the USCCB’s “Doctrinal Elements for a Curriculum Framework.” As a supplemental program, P&C enhances and expands the minimum requirements in the Framework. Our online Framework Correlation Guide (PDF format) shows when to introduce and/or integrate P&C seamlessly within courses on religion or theology.

Every textbook series that conforms with the Framework only skims the surface when it comes to laying the foundational principles to understanding the basis to human dignity and respect for human life. P&C gives students a much deeper grounding out of which they can make good decisions and contribute to building a culture of life.

The decision to use P&C would not be simply because it would fulfill specific areas in the Framework. Implementing P&C is a commitment to giving students a much deeper philosophical, sociological, and ethical foundation to human dignity that affirms what the Church teaches and prepares students to face any difficult moral challenge. No other text series does this as well as Principles and Choices.

User Guides

In addition, a series of User Guides for the Principles & Choices curriculum program have been developed for the following major high school religion textbooks:

  • Living in Christ (St. Mary’s Press)
  • Framework Curriculum Series (Ave Maria Press)
  • Credo Series (Veritas)
  • Curriculum Framework Series (Our Sunday Visitor)
  • Didache Series (Midwest Theological Forum)
  • Didache Elective C (Midwest Theological Forum)

Each User Guide demonstrates how Principles & Choices is best integrated within the context of the Catholic school semester and the Framework curriculum series in use. To obtain a User Guide for the religion textbook series you are using, call or email: 855-664-6598 /

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