Question: How can educators best prepare high school students for this new, uncertain future?

Answer: By teaching them enduring and unassailable principles of logic, ethics, and justice.

Forming a New Generation of Cultural Heroes in the post-COVID Classroom

A webinar for high school teachers

If you sometimes feel like civilization itself is eroding beneath the feet of your students and are looking for ways to encourage them, this 90-minute webinar is for you. Join hosts Camille Pauley and Laura Kolbe as we explore how to move students beyond the fear and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 catastrophe and form them in the philosophical truths that have built Western civilization. This free webinar is designed to help teachers articulate and explain the four levels of happiness, the five pillars of a healthy culture, and the ten universal principles of civilization.

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About your hosts:

Camille Pauley is president/CEO of Healing the Culture and co-author (with Father Robert J. Spitzer) of the acclaimed Principles & Choices respect-life philosophy curriculum.

Laura Kolbe is a faculty member of Healing the Culture and a former high school theology teacher and campus minister.

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