Book 1 Identity and Values: Study Tools

Chapter 3 – Love

Vocabulary (click on the word for the definition)


agape – (Greek, pronounced uh-GA-pay): selfless love that recognizes the unique preciousness of each and every other human being.


commitment – A spiritual, emotional, or intellectual bond with another person or course of action. A dedication, pledge, or promise.


dignity – Being worthy of respect. All persons are worthy of basic human respect because they are made in God’s image.


empathy – To feel what someone else is feeling; to identify with or under- stand the situation of another person by “walking a mile in his shoes.”


eros – (Greek, pronounced EAR-oss): Romantic love characterized by deep intimacy and commitment.


exclusive – Includes only specific people, and does not include anyone else. For example, a sacramental marriage includes only one husband and one wife, and does not include anyone else.


intimacy – To open up the deepest parts of yourself to another person: physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.


humility – A virtue in which you don’t think of yourself as greater or lesser than you really are. An honest view of yourself compared to others, and compared to God.

intrinsic dignity

intrinsic dignity – The true worth and goodness inside of every human being, including ourselves.


love – To desire the good for someone else so much that it becomes easier to do good for that other person than it is to do good for yourself.


philia – (Greek word, pronounced FEE-lee-uh): friendship; the kind of love that involves give and take.


storge – (Greek, pronounced STORE-gay): spontaneous feeling of affection or delight toward someone or something.

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