Book 3 Ethics and Justice: Study Tools

Chapter 3 – Freedom

Vocabulary (click on the word for the definition)


commitment – an agreement or pledge to do something in the future, or to be obligated in some way to someone else, to a cause, or to a course of action


courage – not allowing your fears to dominate you; does not mean that you are not afraid. One of the four cardinal virtues.


detachment – to no longer be dependent on or held captive by former desires and patterns of behavior

four cardinal virtues

four cardinal virtues – wisdom, justice, courage, and self-discipline. Can be extended to five virtues when we include love.


freedom – a state of being able to control your own thoughts and pursue your own actions.

freedom for

freedom for – a condition that liberates people to serve a purpose beyond themselves; also know as “freedom to”

freedom from

freedom from – a condition that allows people to serve their own wants and desires; having all your options open, and not being bound by commitments, responsibilities rules, or laws.

goals statement

goals statement – a list of personal goals written out


justice – being fair; giving other people what they are owed.

period of maximum resistance

period of maximum resistance – the point at which you experience the strongest resistance against a new habit you are trying to form.

personal freedom

personal freedom – the way that each human being uses freedom to make personal decisions and choices.

political freedom

political freedom – the rights of citizens to not be abused or unjustly coerced by government authorities, or by other persons.


practice – the second of the three steps toward changing habits. Involves engaging in the new habit whenever the opportunity arises.


prayer – the third of the three steps toward changing habits. Involves speaking to God and asking for His help.


responsibility – a duty or task that we are required, expected, or morally obliged to do


surrender – in the context of this book, to let go into the hands of God, trusting that He will guide me toward my ultimate purpose and perfect fulfillment


self-discipline – exercising reasonable control and restraint over your desires. One of the four cardinal virtues.


self-sacrifice – giving up something that we want or have, or even giving up our very lives, in order to pursue a greater good for some other person or cause.


ultimate – perfect, absolute, infinite, unconditional, and eternal.

virtuous habit

virtuous habit – a pattern of behavior that helps people move toward Level 3 and Level 4 goals.


visualization – the first of the three steps toward changing habits. Involves seeing yourself a certain way in your mind.


wisdom – knowing what is important in life so that when conflict happens, you can choose well. One of the four cardinal virtues.

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