PCS142 – Gallup Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Polling

As you read through these articles, be particularly attentive to the way the findings are reported. For example, in the 2017 poll, one section heading reads “Women Tilt Slightly More ‘Pro-Choice’.” In the statistics directly below the heading, 52% of women self-identified as “pro-choice” while only 43% self-identified as “pro-life.” However, 49% of those same women believe abortion is “morally wrong” compared to only 43% who believe that it is “morally acceptable.” In addition, 18% of women believe that abortion should be “illegal in all circumstances” and 46% believe it should be “legal in only certain circumstances” (total 64%). Only 33% believe abortion should be legal in “all circumstances.” In other words, many women seem to be identifying as “pro-choice” when they actually hold pro-life views.

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