Questions about God

What if there is no God?

Then the point of this lesson would be meaningless, and the point of human life would seem to be meaningless, and the authors of your book would give up writing this curriculum and spend the rest of our lives eating lots of junk food and trying to get rich. But we are so convinced that God exists that we challenge you to study the abundant evidence. Go to and click on “encyclopedias” to explore evidence for God’s existence.

What if you're ultimately happy but not religious?

We’re not sure what you mean by “religious,” here, but if God exists, and if He created you to find love through Him and through others forever in heaven, then it would be impossible to be ultimately happy without God. If you do not believe this is true, then you can certainly pursue other forms of happiness as if they were the “ultimate.” But if you find that those other forms do not really satisfy you in the end, you might want to give Level 4 a chance. What have you got to lose?

Why does God care?

The very essence of God is Love – and that’s what love does. Love cares. Another reason why God cares is because you are beautiful. He made you in His own image. He created you to be able to love and forgive, just as He loves and forgives. So when He sees you, He sees a huge potential for love and goodness. Yes, God sees your sins, but He sees them in the context of who you really are – a creature capable of great love and goodness. Why would He not care about you?

What if we accept God selfishly?

Well, it depends on what you mean by that. If you mean trying to keep God all to yourself so that no one else can have Him, that would be silly (and a little weird). It would also be impossible, because God loves everyone. Still, if you tried to do that, you wouldn’t be on Level 4. You would be on Level 1 or 2 – trying to exclude everyone else from happiness.

If you mean accepting God because we want Him to make us happy – that’s not selfish. That’s the purpose of your life. God’s entire goal is to make you happy through His everlasting love. He wants you to accept Him in that way. It only becomes negative if we try to exclude other people from God’s love.

Why doesn't God allow us to be automatically happy?

Because in order to do that, God would have had to make all human beings into robots who are programmed to never do anything evil and to always feel happy. But then we wouldn’t be free. God did not want to create a whole bunch of happy but unfree robots. He created you to be free to choose love or to reject love. Your freedom is very important to God. When human beings use their freedom to reject love, they are unhappy and they cause unhappiness in the world for others. But if you use your freedom to choose love, you will find greater happiness than a robot could ever have.

How do I use God to make me happy?

You can’t really “use” God. God is not a tool for us to use. God is our final and perfect fulfillment. We believe that the way to find happiness is to believe in God’s eternal love for you, accept it, and do works of goodness and love toward others.

Are there levels of Holiness & crises related to that?

Since “holiness” refers to the degree to which we have given ourselves to God, accepted His grace and love, and live according to His will in our lives, you would have to be a person who prioritizes Level 4 in your life to achieve any degree of holiness. But there are different levels of holiness that are unrelated to the four levels of happiness. Talk to your teacher or your campus pastor about reading you can do to learn more about this.

What does God feel about those who embody this spirit but do not believe in God?

God has great sadness when one of His children does not believe in Him, because that person will not know perfect happiness until she does. But God’s love is not conditioned on whether or not you believe in Him. God loves all of His children equally, whether or not they believe in Him.

Why do people believe in God?

For many reasons. There is abundant evidence for the existence of God in science, mathematics, physics, astrophysics, biology, philosophy, and other disciplines. We highly encourage you to go to: and click on “encyclopedias” to explore evidence for God’s existence. Many people also believe in God because God’s presence is very real to them in human experience. They have sensed God’s presence in prayer, at church, in nature, in their own accomplishments, in human relationships, or in other situations or experiences.

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