Principles & Choices Assessment Program

The Principles & Choices program includes an assessment component administered by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University. All student assessments and teacher evaluations are confidential and are only used internally by Healing the Culture, the publisher of Principles & Choices, to develop and enhance our educational products. Be assured that your students, as well as your school, will remain completely anonymous.

The assessment program is easy:  simply have students complete a brief online survey before instruction begins (the “pre-test”) and a follow-up survey after you finish teaching each separate book in the three-volume series  (the “post-test”).  A separate online survey is provided for teachers to submit their evaluation of the program.

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General Instructions for Administering Principles & Choices Assessments

  1. You will be given a detailed instructions document and links to the assessment surveys at CARA’s website in advance of your pre- and post-test dates.
  2. The PRE-test should be given to students before the distribution of any Principles & Choices instructional materials.
  3. Each student must have access to a computer to take the test and must complete the test with the entire class in one place – that is, in your school under your supervision. PRE- and POST-tests cannot be taken at home or in another location where the student might be influenced by onlookers. If you are unable to have your entire class take the test at the same time, or do not have access to computers, please contact us to discuss other options.
  4. Simply administer the corresponding POST-test after each book is completed: POST-test 1 should be given after completing Book 1, POST-test 2 after Book 2, and POST-test 3 after Book 3. The PRE-test should be given only once.
  5. The last step is for each teacher to complete the Teacher Evaluation survey.

Full Instructions for Administering Principles & Choices Assessments (pdf)


For general questions regarding the assessment program and/or cashback incentive, please contact Lauri Brown, Principles & Choices Curriculum Specialist, at or 855-664-6598.

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