New! 15+15 Cashback Incentive Program

For a limited time, schools can receive a 15% up-front discount on purchases of student books, plus an additional 15% cash rebate (up to $1500), when students complete a brief assessment that helps us measure the impact of Principles & Choices.  That’s 30% off the cost to adopt this acclaimed program in your school!

The assessment program is easy—students take a brief online survey before the course begins, and a second survey when instruction has been completed. The survey is administered by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University.  Click here for assessment program details.

Incentive Program by Type of Purchase

Customers who agree to participate in the Principles & Choices assessment program are eligible for the following incentives, based on the type of purchase:

School orders new print student books directly from P&C → 15% up-front discount + 15% ($3.00) cash rebate for each completed assessment.

Student orders new print student books from P&C 15% up-front discount (for the student)* + 15% ($3.00) cash rebate for each completed assessment (paid to the school).

School orders new print student books from authorized distributor** 15% ($3.00) cash rebate only

Student orders new print student books from authorized distributor** 15% ($3.00) cash rebate only

School or student orders ebooks from authorized distributor***   $3.00 cash rebate only

For used books (previously purchased and new purchases of used books):

School uses existing P&C textbooks purchased directly from us prior to 5/1/19 15% ($3.00) cash rebate only

School or student purchases used books from authorized distributor or other third party not eligible for discount or rebates

Offer expires September 30, 2019 — so apply today!

Terms & conditions
  • This offer expires September 30, 2019 and is valid only while inventory lasts.
  • The up-front 15% discount applies only to new student textbooks purchased directly from Principles & Choices (P&C) between May 1, 2019 and September 30, 2019 inclusive; however, the cash rebate offer is extended to other classes of customers, including those who purchased textbooks previously and are already teaching the program in their school. Refer to terms below that are specific to your situation.
  • To be eligible for the 15% purchase discount and/or the cash rebate incentive, customers must complete a brief online application to participate in the P&C assessment program.
  • Participating schools will receive a cash rebate of $3.00 for each completed student assessment, equivalent to a 15% refund on the purchase price for a printed student textbook.
  • For purposes of calculating rebates, a “completed assessment” means that a student has taken both (a) the pre-instruction survey and (b) one of the post-instruction surveys that corresponds to the P&C textbook that was utilized (i.e., Book 1: Identity & Values, Book 2: Truth & Reason, or Book 3: Ethics & Justice). Rebates will not be paid until both the pre-instruction and post-instruction surveys have been completed.
  • Cash rebates are limited to a maximum of $1,500 per school, and will be paid only for student assessments completed between May 1 and December 31, 2019, unless a different ending date has been pre-arranged with Principles & Choices.
  • In the case of schools that purchase a classroom set of books used by multiple students, the rebate is available for up to two (2) completed assessments per book purchased (i.e., a maximum rebate of $6.00 per book).
  • Program participants must administer the assessment surveys in accordance with the Principles & Choices Assessment Instructions document provided to each teacher at the beginning of the term.
  • Schools that fail to complete the assessment will not receive cash rebates and will be asked to refund the amount of their purchase discount.
  • Scholarship recipients are not eligible for rebates.


* Student eligibility for the discount is based on the school’s commitment to participate in the assessment program. A discount code will be provided to the school for students to use when they are placing their individual orders.

** eCampus (A Book Company), Follett Corporation, MBS Direct, and MBS Textbook Exchange, LLC are authorized distributors of Principles & Choices.

*** Principles & Choices ebooks are available through iTunes,, and EdTech.



For general questions regarding the assessment program and/or cashback incentive, please contact Lauri Brown, Principles & Choices Curriculum Specialist, at or 855-664-6598.

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