LIFE in a FLASH! Flashcard Set

Fun and attractive, large full-color flashcards.

An engaging way to reinforce learning in the student textbooks. Ten flashcards each present a different principle of happiness, logic, ethics, and justice, and show how to apply them to real world scenarios. Includes instructions for use in a classroom setting. Break your group into ten groups or pairs, and have students
circulate the cards through each group to make a fun and educational learning game. Purchase a set for your class, and one set as a gift for each student for lifelong learning.

Learn answers to questions like…

  • Do the ends justify the means?
  • Can a terminally ill person with only weeks to live have a high quality of life?
  • Can science prove the fetus is a person?
  • How can we tell the difference between truth and opinion?
  • Are some human beings worth less than others?
  • Does human value depend on how developed we are?
  • Where do human rights come from?
  • Is physician-assisted suicide just a personal choice?
  • Is abortion justifiable if a child will be born with a disability?
  • Can a fetus be a baby if you want it to be, and not a baby if you don’t?

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