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Brilliant full-color textbooks with supplemental printed drama script and free online resources.

Principles & Choices© comes alive in four full-color textbooks, one for each grade level. Student texts are designed to engage teens with relevant activities, side bar highlights to reinforce concepts, clear section summaries, and contemporary graphics and layout. Completely flexible—use only the content you like, to design the number of classes you want. Lessons are optimized when they follow our detailed, easy-to-use, plug-and-play plan; but they can be presented in any order. We recommend teaching each book as a four-week unit in each grade—Book 1 in the 9th grade, Book 2 in the 10th, and Book 3 in the 11th.

BOOK 1: Identity and Values (112 pages) teaches the four levels of happiness, and how they relate to definitions of success, quality of life, and love. Students learn six key principles that are essential for personal growth and which build a foundation for pro-life convictions.

BOOK 2: Truth and Reason (56 pages) gives students a philosophical appreciation of the existence and importance of objective truth, and lays out three principles of reason that empower them to distinguish truth from error. The principles are applied to help establish the full personhood of the unborn child.

BOOK 3: Ethics and Justice (78 pages) explains six fundamental principles of ethics and justice which are necessary for civilization to exist, and offers practical advice for forming the virtuous habits necessary for true freedom. The principles are then applied to give systematic and logical arguments against abortion and euthanasia.

Or get the complete set, which includes one textbook, a printed copy of the corresponding Robert and Emma act for the book level selected, and free access to the student website with supplemental learning resources.

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