Principles & Choices Assessment Surveys

The Principles & Choices Assessment Program is administered by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University. Please use the following links to access the pre-test, post-test, and teacher evaluation surveys on the CARA Web site:

Pre-test for Students

Post-test for Book 1: Identity and Values 

Post-test for Book 2: Truth and Reason

Post-test for Book 3: Ethics and Justice

Teacher Evaluation 

Note: All student assessments and teacher evaluations are confidential and are only used internally by Healing the Culture, the publisher of Principles & Choices, to develop and enhance our educational products. Be assured that your students, as well as your school, will remain completely anonymous.

Questions about the surveys? Please contact CARA:
Name:  Dr. Mark Gray
Phone: 202-687-0885

General questions about the assessment program? Please contact Principles & Choices:
Name:  Lauri Brown, Curriculum Specialist
Phone: 855-664-6598

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